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Celebrate your power with this bold and stylish Storm T-Shirt.  The t-shirt is black with a crew neck and short sleeves.  It features a two-sided design on the front.  One side is a half of the head and shoulders of an African woman.  She wears a traditional African headwrap in yellow and red and large circular gold earrings.  Her bearing is dignified and regal.  The other half of design is multi-colored scrip which says, “They whispered you can’t withstand the storm.  She whispered back I am the storm.”  Made in India of 60% cotton an 40% polyester.  



*Item comes with paper to protect the design of the T-shirt. This paper can sometimes get stuck to the design but if peeled carefully, will come completely off. If there are pieces left behind use water to loosen it. 


  • MD will fit up to a 40" chest and is 27" long
  • LG will fit up to a 42" chest and is 28" long
  • XL will fit up to a 46" chest and is 29" long
  • 2X will fit up to a 48" chest and is 29.5" long


Storm T-Shirt

SKU: 0000757
Excluding Sales Tax
  • No Refund. Exchange only if the indiviual package is not open 

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